Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflections On The Past Year

I have been thinking about the many things that we have walked through in this past year. It seems like it has been a couple of years all rolled up into one. In many ways it has been a hard year but I really do not want to focus on that. So to bring in the New Year I would like to focus on the 12 things that I have been most grateful for in this past year. Don't worry I am thankful for more than 12 things but I have to draw the line somewhere or you would be reading my blog all night. So here they are:
1. I am so grateful for Jesus! He has walked me through some really rough times and danced over me in the good ones. I love Him for saving me and being my shelter and my provider.
2. I am so thankful for David. He is my perfect one. He genuinely likes me and we really love just hanging out and making each other laugh. What a gift to have a man that loves me just for me. Thanks God!
3. Samuel David. I am so grateful for giving me my boy first. He has developed into the most wonderful and funny person. One of the qualities that I really enjoy in a person is the ability to make people laugh and Sam has got that. He also still snuggles with me at nine years old. Don't tell him that that is uncool, I want him to do that forever.
4. My Lili Faith. The gloriously happy soul that God dropped into my life to help me not take things to seriously. She is blissful and her faith has changed me. I am so grateful for her.
5. Abigail Joy, two year old extraordinaire. I am so amazed that God thought I could handle this little ball of energy as my last one. I think He has quite a sense of humor. I just laugh when I look at her. She is joy. Always singing, always moving and always keeping me on my toes. God knew we all needed Abigabble!
6. I have been blessed with an amazing extended family. Dads, moms, brother, sister in laws, precious nieces, and an stinking adorable nephew that I am so glad is here on this earth.I love each and every one of them. That is a gift.
7. I am so grateful for my bestest friend. We have walked through a lot of hard things this year and still come out friends. She is really more sister to me than anything. It is good of God to give me a friend that gets me and laughs at my weird ways sometimes. Seriously, we laugh at each other a lot. We are both so weird.
8. I have a roof over my head. Yellow on the walls and ceilings and zigzag on the floor it may be but it is still a roof and I am grateful for it.
9. I have a great car. just like I wanted. Thanks God for finding it.
10. I feel better. I have been sick so much this year and was very sick all through Christmas. That was a bummer. But I do feel better now and I am so grateful for that.
11. We have a great church. I really am so thankful for our pastor and the gift of being able to give my voice in worship. I love being used for God in one way or the other. Just to be effective for Him is what I want.
12. This being the last one I want to say that I am so grateful that I am still a dreamer. Try as I do to not dream anymore because things may not have turned out like we have wanted for us or our children. I still catch myself dreaming. Right now it is about the little things in my heart but I would like to, this next year, start dreaming the big dreams that I have had. The song of my heart. Some things that have died because of hopelessness. I am going to really try to seek those out again.
Well, there you have it. It has been a wild and crazy year but God has been in it all. Blessings to each and everyone in this New Year! Dream again people!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Pics

Ok so I am going to try to give you a glimpse of our Christmas again. So far the downloading mechanism has not been working for me but I will prevail! Here goes...

This pic was unfortunately not taken by me as it is now my favorite pic of Landon. My father took this one. Kudos Dad!
This is of my beautiful boy on our yearly pic date. We had so much fun photographing downtown . He is awsome!
Sam and Lili in front of a beautful Christmas tree that you cannot see. but they are adorable anyway.
This is my pride and joy because my Samuel took this picture! He is turning into quite the photographer and carries his new camera that Grandpa gave him everywhere. He has founf something that he loves. I am so happy we get to share this. More to come...

Monday, December 14, 2009


I have tried for three days now to post pics of a wonderful date I had with Samuel last week. They are wonderful. But for now, I need to vent. I am just plain tired. I am weary in well doing. That Scripture says it all. I am surrounded by blessings and know of all that I have to be greatful for but lack the energy to celebrate it. I would love to just sleep for a week and not serve anyone or do anything but that is not going to happen anytime in the near future so I guess I have to buck up and do this. I know a lot of you are in the same position I just thought I would voice how I feel. It's nice to know though that even though I am tired I am blessed. Blessings to you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pic of the Day: My Christmas Date With Sam

Ok. So for about a month now my son and I have been trying to take our annual fall picture date to take pics of the beautiful colors. Time just kept slipping away from us. So on Monday evening ,even though it was time for him to go to bed , well 6:30, almost time for bed, him and I just decided to take the bull by the horns and go. It has been getting dark so early that taking pics in the evening has not really been an option. But Christmas is in the air and the twinkling light were calling to us both. Samuel has really taken an interest in photography. These pics are all his except for the pics that he is in. Can't be two places at once. I love hanging out with him. The older he gets the more fun he is. He has a wicked sense of humor and still like me. I hope that never changes.We had hot fudge sundaes at Mickey Dee's and went all over downtown together. I will do what I have to do to get all the time I can with this kid. He is just growing so fast and time does not slow down.Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pic of the Day: Thankful

Thank You , Lord, for this nest full of blessings! Our cup truly does run over. Love You .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 2 Year Old

My precious Abigail turned 2 on Saturday! We were so busy celebrating that I forgot to post for her Bday. I tried to yesterday but the server was down .So since she is two, I will give some reasons that I am happy she is here.
1. She has been so good for our whole family.She was born the day before Thanksgiving. Talk about a good reminder of all there is to be thankful for.We all love her. Her Daddy adores her, I am crazy about her, her big brother thinks the world revolves around her and big "sissy" would do anything for her.
2. She completes our family. We no longer feel like we have someone missing when we go places or just sit around. Kind of wierd I know, but before she came I felt that way.
3 (one to grow on). She is very kind. If anyone gets hurt she will say"ohhh" and come running to try to help them.
Happy late Birthday Apple Juice! We love you so.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pic of the Day: Harvest Time

Well here are the homemade costumes that we collected from all our bounty of weird clothing. Due to lack of funds, we could not buy them for the kids this year but they did not seem to notice and had a blast putting them together. It was really fun! Sam was a Black Operative Special Forces guy, Lili was a very cute clown and Abigail was a clown like her Sissy but all her clown make up wore off. We went to two Trunk or Treats and then went to Sonic for ice. No, not ice cream, ice. I know, we are weird. I think the high point of the night was when David copped an Australian accent at the Sonic drive thru. The kids were hysterical in the back seat and, I have to admit, so was I. I love my family and I am glad the kids did have fun. That is all that matters.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pic of the Day: No DInner Tonight

Well today was an interesting day. Lot's of things going wrong but I am still just having to walk in peace. However, a parents distraction is the perfect time for the children to sneak. When I started making dinner tonight I asked Samuel to come and wash the potatoes and Lili to make the tea. As we were having a perfectly peaceful time in the kitchen, I noticed a large bag of Gummy Bears completely empty. Let me stress it was completely full yesterday. So I asked the typical culprit of "food sneaking", Lili. She looked at my with large blue-green eyes and shook her head noooooooo. She promised she did not do it. In our family,the word "promise" is a BIG word. I knew she wasn't lying. Why? Because I am the mom. It is our job as the mom to know each of the children's lie face. So I take a look at Apple Juice but there was no Gummy upon her body. She had been sitting on the counter top "helping" me with dinner. So I think, surely not the responsible future president of these Untied States washing the potatoes. No, it just couldn't be him. He has such a strong compass. I look at him and hold the Gummy Bear bag up to him and ask the question. There was no lie face, just utter and complete guilt. The guilt was so bad he laid on his bed for half an hour and stared into space. He wore it like Obi One Kenobi's Jedi cloak. So as punishment for his food sneaking, he was not allowed a morsel of food tonight. He had to sit at the dinner table. He had to help set it. He got to smell the delicious chicken but he did not get to taste that it was good. I think that that helped him shed his cloak of guilt.
The pic at the top was at the Hyatt this summer. Sam and Lili had been fighting so they both got in trouble. Abigail thinks that her brother and sister are soooo cool. She just did what they were doing. I love this pic. It's real life. See ya.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pic of the Day: Happy Birthday Cari !

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy BIRTHDAY dear CARI!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!
Love you friend!
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you with joy, from your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident in this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." Phil. 1:3-6

Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Coming

What is going on? Now David has strep throat! I am hoping, please God, that this is the last of it. It just has to be. Seriously!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

O.K. here you go Cari. Things I Have Learned

1. You may think you are done with the swine flu but no...
2. Lili can throw up and then go sing in the shower about autumn.
3. When Lil's says that her tummy is hurting a teensy, neensy, weensy little bit, it is probably a good idea to let her stay home. Yep.
4. When Sam says his hurts a little lot, it's probably a good idea to let him stay home. Yep.
5. I am a realy good hermit. I mean I can totally do this.
6. My Lili belle can sing "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" as good as anyone.
7. That a child can be as sick as a dog one day and right as rain the next.
8. That an adult can be sick as a dog one day and be sick as a dog the next and the next and the next... then not quite right the rest of the week.
9. Abigail has an immune system that could eat mine because she ate off the floor and snuck drinks out of all of our glasses and still hasn't gotten anything.
10. I have a really great husband he took really good care of me and still managed to go to work.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh , heavens to Betsy! Weddings! This last month I was asked to take pictures of David's cousin , Lydia, for her wedding. I was also asked to do the photography for the entire wedding. I took about 500 pics of everything from the bridal portrait to the throwing of the bouquet. They were beautiful, if I do say so myself. They were all on my camera at the wedding. When I went home, I was sooooo excited to start editing them. I plugged my camera in and there were only 152 pics there. 152. That number will forever be etched in my troubled mind. Yes, the brand new flash card that my beloved father-in-law had purchased for me, out of the goodness of his heart, was a corrupted card. After 2 weeks of desperately trying to retrieve the pics we have given up. The beautiful wedding that I froze forever in time with my Olympus 500 is gone. It is air. So here is one of the 152 shots that I did get to keep. Enjoy. Note to self, always test the flash card before you do a wedding. Yep.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beach Pics

At the time Cari wrote that she thought you could have too much vacation, I thought she was crazy. Sorry, my friend, but I did. However, I have changed my position on this. Coming back from the coast I actually thought that if I had to go to the Hyatt after our trip I might cry. Now eventually I would get over myself and make myself enjoy the Hyatt and all of it's wonderful massages, I mean amenities, but holy cow! We had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but we're so happy to be home. We boogie boarded which I think we all got addicted to, we built sandcastles and David , Sam and Aunt Sarah actually saw a shark swim underneath them. A black tip reef shark. They have never swam so fast.
We ate entirely to much and fought sand as if it were on the dark side of the Force but the sand won. I guess it is all part of the experience. It was Abigail's first time to see the ocean. It was so cold the first day I was afraid that we ruined her impression of it but, when it warmed up, she would jump up and down and say ,"OCEAN"! She loved it! I loved it too. Oh, by the way, we played the game of LIFE. I had totally forgotten about that game but Sam loved it and so did Lil's. Anyway thank you Lord for the trip and thank you Lord for home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pic of the Day: Sam's Dove

Sam went last Saturday with his grandfather to a bird habitat . I did not know how he would respond. You know if it was something that he would enjoy. He came back Saturday night beaming. He loved it! Grandpa gave him his own digital camera to take as many pics as he wanted. He learned many bird names and took great joy in showing me all of the his pictures . I love seeing him happy and I think Grandpa was good medicine. Thanks Grandpa. You made a little boy very happy. Oh, this is one of the many bird pics by sam. I love it! I think he has a great eye for composition.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pic of the Day: Bliss

I love to watch Abigail when she sleeps. She is so perfectly still. That does not happen often. I get to watch every movement and see how much she's grown. It is bliss to look at one of my greatest gifts. Thank you God.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pic of the Day : Out of the Trees

David put these leaves on her Lili's face with tree sap. It looks so beautiful but getting the sap off her face was not so beautiful. Oh well, I have this memory forever. It suits her.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pic of the Day : Beck

This is Beck . He is the son of one of my oldest friends, Kristen. He is one of those reminders that God always keeps His promises. When I doubt whether or not I am going to see promises that I know God has made to me, I look at Beck. Beck is their third child. Tate is their first and one of Sam's best friends. It took them ten years to get pregnant with Tate. Then came Olive, who is one of Lili's best friends. It took them four years to get pregnant with her. Then came Beck 5 and a half years after Olive. Kristen and Bryan always believed God and pretty much always had a good attitude. They are wonderful parents and they have very precious children. Children of much promise.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pic of the Month haha: My Boy

I just have to say that I am so grateful to have my sweet boy. He has such a servants heart and is mostly part of the solution not part of the problem. Today I hurt my foot and he ran to me and said, " Mom are you OK?" There were five other people in the room and he was the only one who came to make sure that I was alright. He is growing inside because he used to not even take notice of such things. It's just nice to know that the time and effort we are putting into him is not in vain. Don't get me wrong, he is not perfect but he is not expected to be. We just want him to be who he is meant to be. Thank you God for my boy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lili Faith's 6th Birthday!

Today, June 24 th 2003 one of my biggest prayers to God was answered by a beautiful and chubby little angel. Lili was one of the cries of my heart. God so loved me that he gave me my own beautiful little girl. The sweetest thing about her is that she is purely herself with no apologies. I love that about her. I hope that she knows how precious she is to me. She should. I tell her every day that she is. These are Six Wonderful Things About Lili:
1. She has joy unspeakable! I mean that. When we were going to the doctor for her kidney issues, instead of complaining about how bored she was or how long it was taking, she said she had never had so much fun.
2.She is a dreamer! Nothing is too far fetched for it to be true.
3. She is very deep! You will never reach the bottom of her little spirit. It goes on and on.
4. She is nice to everyone even those that are hard to love. There was a little boy at her school and she would come home talking about how much she liked him and how he was in trouble a lot but she knew he needed a friend. I met that little boy and he was hard for me to love... and I'm a grown up!
5. She forgives almost instantly. She does not hold a grudge.
6. This little precious gift is mine and her daddy's! Yippee! What a wonderful day it is!
I pray that the Lord will bless you coming and going, Lili. That you will be filled with the joy that only comes from God all the days of your life. I pray that your heart will be set like a flint on the things of God and all of His wonderful and amazing purposes for your life. I pray that your life will be long and full of the miraculous! That that Holy Spirit would be with you every day whispering in your ear the endless love of God. I love you my precious angel! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love you

Before you leave anyone that you love today, please tell them that you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Look in their eyes and tell them what it is about them that you adore. You may not have tomorrow to do it. For those of you out there that know me I want you to know that I love you and appreciate your differences and know that God has areason for you to be on this earth. I pretty much know everyone who reads my blog so I will branch out and say that each one of you has touched my life in some way and made it better. Thank you. Now go to someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pic of the Day : Dutchalicious

I think this might be one of my favorite pics that I have ever taken. Big compliment Pammy since I have taken many. I think you need to come back. I need to squeeze Dutchie's thigh. Nothin' like it! Anyway, enjoy this pic I know I did.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pic of the Day: Family Pic With No Crying Baby!

I don't believe it! I finally got a family pic that does not contain a crying baby! Yippeee! My whole family looks reasonably happy and clean (even though we were'nt). I am so proud. We clean up good!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pic of the Day: Through the Storm

I did not take this picture but I am so happy that someone took it. This is David on a daily basis. He works so hard and still manages a smile at the end of the day. I am so proud of him. He is moving on to another job in the next couple of weeks and I know that, in a way, it is hard for him. You know, when you have dreams that go unfulfilled it hurts. He has handled what hand we have been given with such goodness. He is always kind. He is a wonderful husband. He is my best friend and I pray that this new job is a great blessing to his life and to ours. When you go through tough times it is so hard to hope for anything good. The plans that you have made have failed so many times that you resist the urge to hope because that hope gets squashed. I am purposing to hope for him. Please pray for David. He is giving up part of his dream and I know this is hard for him. While I know we are probably going to have it easier, it's even hard for me to see this part of our life end. We have learned so much through it. God has proven Himself time and time again. He is always providing in the most creative ways. He has shown us that even without worldly success, we have managed to make some unbelievably good friends and how to be gracious under extreme pressure. I look back on our life with gratitude now instead of asking God why He did not let this dream happen for us. I know that I want His dream for us much more than I want ours. David is on the top of my list of hero's. I just want to be like him. Somehow he always manages to have the right attitude about every situation. Oh how I would love to have just that one trait. Anyway, I am proud of him and know that he is going to be blessed in this new job and do proclaim that this time of our lives is going to be good and flourishing and full of the things of God! Thank you God that though life , at times, has not been easy that I have been blessed enough to share it with the love of my life and a great man in my eyes. Through the storm he has smiled and seen You!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pic of the Day: Two Teeth in Less Than Twenty Four Hoursbytheweekend

My Belle has lost two teeth in less than twenty four hours. If she keeps going at this rate she will be toothless by the weekend. She is sooooooooo proud and is lisping when she talks. Let's just pray that they come in straight. Last night I heard what sounded like a train coming through their room and then high pitched screaming. I was on my way in to deal with the matter when Lili flew out of her room carrying a very little tooth. She shrieked with delight, I losthed my tooth." I love my life!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's Your Favorite Color?

This last weekend me and my kids went up to Fort Worth to see my sweet grandparents. My brother and sister n law went with me and brought their awesome kids too. It was hard to go this time , I had to leave Abigail behind with David because she was sick (before you say that I am a bad mommy David made me go). I like being there when my kids are sick. I never had my mom to take care of me so being sick was kind of lonely for me as a child. Anyway, I felt like I was supposed to go. You know those little feelings you get that poke you right in the tummy and make you feel silly if you don't follow through with whatever it is you feel like you're supposed to do. I had one of those feelings. Well we get up there and are embrace at the door like we always are. We are fed more than we should be, like we always are. We are given items that have been purchased, that we don't need, I might add, at the many garage sales that my grandparents frequent. I keep thinking that one of those items is going to show up one day on the Antiques Road Show but I am disappointed weekly. While we don't need the items that have been given, we love the Barbie Van with all the stickers peeling off because it means that they have been thinking about us while we are away. They love us.
In the middle of all the food, hugs and garage sale items, we all found out that it had been my Mema's 80th Birthday on April 29th and us ungrateful grandchildren had all forgotten. I felt so bad I cried. I was telling April ( my sister in law) you know these people all your life. They have shaped the very fabric of your being and you don't even know what their favorite color is. My Mema's is blue. I found that out after we gave her a present and sang Happy Birthday to her and after many very sincere apologies. My Dandy's is turquoise. I laughed because if you knew my Dandy you would never have guessed that. On my way home later in the weekend, I started calling all the key people in my life. You know the ones who had a hand in why I am the way I am. I asked them what their favorite color was and oddly enough I found out an awful lot about them but also about myself. I also led to a nice conversation that just meant the world to me and them. So I ask you people out there... What is your favorite color? Mine is green like the green in Abigail's eyes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pic of the Day: Arrows in the Hand of a Mighty Warrior

Psalm 127:4 says

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

There is no better time spent than that time you take out of your day to teach your children about God. He is ,after all, the Lover of their soul. They can either be arrows of the enemy or arrows for the Lord. It is our choice. They have to be taught!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pics of the Day: Easter in Mason

Sam frantically looking for eggs
catching baby goats
coaxing baby goats
going to feed the baby goats
Sam, Madee and Mason looking for tadpoles in the cistern
reaching for the prize
Cowboy Sam
Cowgirl Lili
Every year since the kids have been around we have gone to Mason, TX to Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob Al's ranch. It is a beautiful and rough landscape strewn with mequite scrub and Come Here bush. The bush with thorns that don't let you go so it is called "Come Here" bush. We have a huge family meal that always has orangello and spatzle, two Carpenter Family dishes that are present at every family gathering. There are always hugs and good conversation.
We started with Samuel and now have Madee, Lili, Mason, Hayden, Abigail, Warren, Blixen ( yes that really is her name) and the newest member of our family , hopefully forever, Christian. Rob, David's cousin and his wife Shannon are hoping to adopt him soon. It is so fun to see how the children have grown since we saw them last on Thanksgiving. They are so sweet and kind and all of them are beautiful. At the end of the Great Feast a few of the adults sneak out of the house and hide the Easter eggs. There are always a ridiculous amount of eggs to be hidden and you can imagine this takes quite a while to do. When the door finally opens, the kids poor out the door, running to the nearest egg. Abigail went on her first Easter Egg hunt this year and as soon as she realized what was in those eggs her little legs took off and she grabbed every egg in sight. The kids always have about 376 to each basket and I am always cringing at the amount of candy that they devour. God please protect their teeth. Oh well, Easter comes but once a year. You know what? We say that aboout Christmas, Valentine's and any other holiday that happens to pop up during the year.
The kids always get to hold baby goats that run as fast as they can away from them as they see the children approaching the fence. Poor things. They also get to ride Chip the wonder horse. They feel like real cowboys. Uncle Bob Al is about as close as you can get to a cowboy so maybe They become cowboy's by association.
There were also brand new baby kittens that were living in an old metal water cistern. They got to see an unusual breed of dog called a Wippet, named Snuggles. If you saw this dog you would wonder why in the world they named it Snuggles. Love is blind.
In everyway I love our trips to Mason. There is such a peace out there. You feel like you have gone back in time and that the world just got a little slower paced. You sit on the front porch and drink sweet tea. You watch the sun dip lower in the sky and the children running. Every year they run a little faster.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Purging of the Trees

I'm sorry to all you tree huggers out there but I have officially decided that this entire area must be purged of all pollen barring trees. I guess that means all trees. Hmm... Sorry , scratch that. All cedar and oak. Wait, I love oak trees.... who cares about cedars. Hmmm....I have to rethink this. Get back to you later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pics of the Day: Our Blustery Day

Holy cow! It has been so windy the last several days. We decided to go to the lake on Friday. We let the kids stay home from school and slept late. That was soooo nice. We got to the lake and the wind startedblowing right away. At first Abigail just wanted to run all over the place. She did not want anything to do with me or David. She is so independant. Until we can serve her in some way...princess. The temperature went down about 10 degrees in about five minutes. At that point Abigail saw me in a very long and very warm blanket. She needed me then. She climbed into the blanket with me and lunged for the truck. Me and Abigail explored every inch of the inside of that truck. Fun. Actually. I have to say. I still had fun. I got to be with my husband. I saw my children laugh and run. I got to be with some pretty sweet people all day. It was fun but I am seriously greatful to God that we did not get blown away. Again, Holy Cow!