Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pics of the Day: Our Blustery Day

Holy cow! It has been so windy the last several days. We decided to go to the lake on Friday. We let the kids stay home from school and slept late. That was soooo nice. We got to the lake and the wind startedblowing right away. At first Abigail just wanted to run all over the place. She did not want anything to do with me or David. She is so independant. Until we can serve her in some way...princess. The temperature went down about 10 degrees in about five minutes. At that point Abigail saw me in a very long and very warm blanket. She needed me then. She climbed into the blanket with me and lunged for the truck. Me and Abigail explored every inch of the inside of that truck. Fun. Actually. I have to say. I still had fun. I got to be with my husband. I saw my children laugh and run. I got to be with some pretty sweet people all day. It was fun but I am seriously greatful to God that we did not get blown away. Again, Holy Cow!


  1. You have some very beautiful kids. With David in the mix, I kinda have to wonder how that happened. Way to go for having dominant genes, Jodi. :o)

  2. Andy, you are shameless. I won't tell David you said that. Hahahah!