Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pic of the Day: No DInner Tonight

Well today was an interesting day. Lot's of things going wrong but I am still just having to walk in peace. However, a parents distraction is the perfect time for the children to sneak. When I started making dinner tonight I asked Samuel to come and wash the potatoes and Lili to make the tea. As we were having a perfectly peaceful time in the kitchen, I noticed a large bag of Gummy Bears completely empty. Let me stress it was completely full yesterday. So I asked the typical culprit of "food sneaking", Lili. She looked at my with large blue-green eyes and shook her head noooooooo. She promised she did not do it. In our family,the word "promise" is a BIG word. I knew she wasn't lying. Why? Because I am the mom. It is our job as the mom to know each of the children's lie face. So I take a look at Apple Juice but there was no Gummy upon her body. She had been sitting on the counter top "helping" me with dinner. So I think, surely not the responsible future president of these Untied States washing the potatoes. No, it just couldn't be him. He has such a strong compass. I look at him and hold the Gummy Bear bag up to him and ask the question. There was no lie face, just utter and complete guilt. The guilt was so bad he laid on his bed for half an hour and stared into space. He wore it like Obi One Kenobi's Jedi cloak. So as punishment for his food sneaking, he was not allowed a morsel of food tonight. He had to sit at the dinner table. He had to help set it. He got to smell the delicious chicken but he did not get to taste that it was good. I think that that helped him shed his cloak of guilt.
The pic at the top was at the Hyatt this summer. Sam and Lili had been fighting so they both got in trouble. Abigail thinks that her brother and sister are soooo cool. She just did what they were doing. I love this pic. It's real life. See ya.


  1. That sounds so much like my Marcus. He feels such complete guilt over every little thing so the big things are VERY rough. Cute pic.

  2. Thanks. You know the first born. The weight of the world is on their shoulders, or so they think.