Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pic of the Day: Harvest Time

Well here are the homemade costumes that we collected from all our bounty of weird clothing. Due to lack of funds, we could not buy them for the kids this year but they did not seem to notice and had a blast putting them together. It was really fun! Sam was a Black Operative Special Forces guy, Lili was a very cute clown and Abigail was a clown like her Sissy but all her clown make up wore off. We went to two Trunk or Treats and then went to Sonic for ice. No, not ice cream, ice. I know, we are weird. I think the high point of the night was when David copped an Australian accent at the Sonic drive thru. The kids were hysterical in the back seat and, I have to admit, so was I. I love my family and I am glad the kids did have fun. That is all that matters.


  1. I was actually thinking the other day that my parents never bought us costumes. I also never planned what I would be in advance. (Still don't.) We would fight over costume pieces and end up with interesting things. I always hated the question "What are you supposed to be?" because of it. I would usually say something like "Cowgirl princess" or another mesh.
    So, lack of funds or not I think that putting together a costume from what you have is a great way to use your imagination. I do that and want my kids to as well.

  2. I LOVE IT! We decided to not buy the girl's costumes this year too. They always want to wear their play clothes out and we never let them. So, we said it was a special dress-up day and they could have cared less. I felt so crummy every time I saw all of the cute, who am I kidding expensive outfits last night, but I was thankful in the end we did not spend the money and just let the girls be what they wanted. Thank u for your honesty!!!

  3. I love all the pictures! They are precious. I miss everyone so much. Glad yall had a fun time. xoxo

  4. Had a group of tweens come to my door with an adult. I was guessing the "who you are" routine. After guessing several, I looked at the lad with dark glasses and cane and said " Stevie Wonder" -- Him- " NO legally blind" the teacher with him confirmed... MAN I could have crawled in a hole...they all thought it was funny..including the guy. Teacher said he is really great about it...