Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Purging of the Trees

I'm sorry to all you tree huggers out there but I have officially decided that this entire area must be purged of all pollen barring trees. I guess that means all trees. Hmm... Sorry , scratch that. All cedar and oak. Wait, I love oak trees.... who cares about cedars. Hmmm....I have to rethink this. Get back to you later.


  1. MArcus said that he doesn't like Spring anymore because of pollen.

  2. I know. It stops me daed in my tracks. I love Spring but the pollen Yuck!

  3. My allergies are pine trees and they are spreading their pollen right now like nobodies business here. But for those of you that like live Christmas trees - I guess I better endure. I sure hate my head hurting and nose running all the time though!