Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field Day and the Creek!

Yesterday was field day at School and, boy, did we have a great time. The tug of war was very dramtic as you can see. Then we went to the creek for the first time this year. It had been so long since we had been down there. We had all missed it. We had a great time and ate some delicious hot dogs. Even though school is not officially over, it felt like summer had begun. Oh, Lili's team came in third and Sam's team came in fourth. They had a blast but I don't think I have ever seen Sam this tired.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Before Pics of the House

Ok here are some before pics of our house and yes I have been busy which is why you are not seeing after pics yet. We are in it and the walls have been painted. Thank you all of you that helped me with that tremendous task. All I have to say is two coats of oil based primer and two coats of paint to every wall in my house. I actually had a fit about the donut people not puting my chocolate glazed donut in our order when I was finished painting. I don't think I have ever been that tired and completely out of it. Seriously, I acted like a two year old the day after that was over. It took me eight days of solid painting morning til night. It is now light and airy but the trim has not been painted yet sooooooo you will have to wait for the after pics. It may be a year until I can look at another paint can. Just kiddin. I have already got some stuff taped and ready to go. Still get nauseous when I look at a paint can though. Ta ta for now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New House

Well it is just the best thing! God dropped a beautiful house into our lap. I mean totally blessed our socks off! We have a lot of work to do. I mean a lot but it is ours and I can toally do it for that reason. This is the first house that I have owned that I can honestly say I am doing for me and my family. Every house we have owned has been for the buyer. Well, what would a buyer want. This is just a little place for us to hang our hats. So now we hang our hats on Bluebonnet St.! I have always loved that street and even knew the people who once owned our house. It has a massive backyard for the kids and me. I love to garden and a big garage for David and all of his tools. God hit this one out of the park. I will post before and after pics so you can see how it developes. Apparently you wont see them today because my pics menue is refusing to popup. Will try later.