Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picture of the Day: The Nutcracker So Sweet

Last weekend I got to take Lili to the Nutcracker for the first time. This was not the first for Lili. Last year I had Abigail a day before Thanksgiving and so my sweet mother in law took her instead. While I was overjoyed to have Abigail here with us and two weeks early I might add, I was sad that I could not take Lili to her first Nutcracker.

Let me explain that my sentimentality about the Nutcracker probably goes beyond what normal sentiments are where the ballet is concerned. I desperately wanted to take Lili because that is a memory that I wanted her to have that I also had too.

Before my mom got sick she dressed me up one beautiful winter night and took me to the Municipal Auditorium to see the Nutcracker. I still remember that I was wearing this adorable red velvet suit that, I believe, she made for me. We went down the isle right before it started found the row that we had tickets for. I had to squeeze past a man who was smiling at me and I looked back and could see my mom smiling back at the man. I think they both thought I was cute. I was probably 3 at the time.

I enjoyed every minute of that night. I held moms hand and loved being with her. It is one of my very first memories. Thank you Lord that it is a beautiful one. Not long after that, she got very ill and she and life were never the same.

I am so grateful that I got to hold my beautiful little girls hand and dress her up in a beautiful outfit. I got to help her out of her itchy tights in the ladies room. I got to read her the story of the Nutcracker from the playbill. I got to watch her eyes light up when the sugarplum fairy danced so gracefully. I got to hold her in my arms as she drifted off to sleep shortly after that dance. I was so blessed that night. Even though it was not my first or her first Nutcracker Suite, it was our first to watch and enjoy together. I will have that memory forever and I hope it will be one of her favorites. I know it is one of mine.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture of the Day: Abigail Joy to the World

I am having to catch up because the last couple of weeks have flown buy and taken me with them. Our precious Abigail turned one during this time and I have to tell you about some of the fun that surrounded us during this time
We made cupcakes the night of her birthday. Sam, Lili and I. I let the kids decorate them the way that they wanted to. They got very creative. Abigail is not really allowed alot of sugar and she looked at that cupcake like it was something from another planet. Then she tasted it and that was it. She knew exactly what to do. Well, we cleaned up the birthday cake mess and proceeded to get ready for bed. We did not take into account that the cupcake that Abigail ate was about the size of her head and nor did we even think about the enormous amount of sugar that was hitting her system. We laid her down expecting her to go right out like she always does. That did not happen. David tried to sing her to sleep but got so cracked up he had to start videoing the show. She looked like a pro wrestler. She was throwing her little body against the sides of her bed and then turning around in circles and then sitting and then laying down and then jumping up and then ...... Then I started trying to sing her to sleep. She started clapping so fast then dancing. We knew we were going to have to let her run it off. We got her out of bed and just let the video camera run. At one point she was carrying around a granola bar, still in the wrapper, she fell and started crawling , then she drooled and started to try and cleant the drool off the floor by rubbing it with the granola bar. What a night. Who said sugar is not a drug. She crashed soon after the drool.

We also took her to the zoo. She loves animals and she ate it up. Carl and Cari and their kids came with us. Also Aunt Sarah and Grace. She oohed and ahhed at everything. We had a great time with all the kids. It was a good first birthday for Abigail Joy. We are so thankful for her and the joy she brings to us.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Picture of the Day: A Rare family Picture

Yeah, a real family picture! As you can see we are all so happy in it. I love it. This was taken yesterday on Thanksgiving. We went to David's Uncle's where it seems that time does not exist and things never change. As a person who does not cotton to change, these Thanksgivings suit me just fine. Last year we did not get to go. We were in the hospital with our newborn, Abigail. That is the kind of change I like. We had a great time yesterday. There were a few lazy raindrops and alot of noise with kids playing endlessly outside. It was a blast! Sam also got his first deer with a rifle. A nice seven point buck. He was beaming. Did I forget to mention the Cowboys won? Wow, we are blessed. We had alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture of the Day: Dance With Daddy

This picture was taken about three and half years ago when my Lili Belle was about 2 1/2. David and her were dancing in our living room. He is such a great daddy. I have to be honest. I did not know how he was going to do with a little girl but he put to rest all my concerns when I first saw him hold her. He turned into one giant melted pile on the floor when she made her first girly ( is that a word?) little noise. After that, it was hopeless. There have been many hilarious moments when I would walk in and find him doing things I never thought my manly man would do. Like the time I ran through her room only to find David on the floor and Lili rubbing baby lotion all over his face ( he hates lotion more than anything and he really hates it on his face). Sucker! He has let her paint his nails, dress him up and has eaten half eaten things that both of would never be able to recognize all because she looked at him with her lively blue eyes and said "here Daddy". What a trooper. Him and Sam are now outnumbered in our tiny little house. The house full of women. He loves it and he loves his girls. He is a great dad to Sam but that was a given. We thought we would have all boys. After growing up with the Richards boys I thought I was destined to have all boys! God just surprised us. Sorry I know this is the second post involving my little girls but this is really about David. He is a great dad!!! I could not be more pleased with the father that God gave my boy and my little girls.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Picture of the Day: Sisters

I will never forget as young woman watching a "chick flick" as David calls them (even though he has enjoyed them from time to time, although he would never tell you that) . Anyway, I remember the movie coming to its very emotional end and me, being moved by the music and the storyline to such an extent that I begin to weep. Then I look over to the other two people watching the movie with me. My dad and my brother. Instead, they are watching me with big smiles on their faces trying not to laugh at my show of emotion. Kind of ruined the moment for me....
Now, as much as I love my dad and brother, I so desperately needed another female in the house to be emotional with me. My mom could not be there for me emotionally because of her illness.... I longed for a sister.
I have to say that my brother is one of the most precious people I know and we both cry at the drop of hat. He is a very tender hearted person and one of my greatest friends and supports. I do not long for a sister anymore. I have three of them now. Cari, Sarah and April. My emotional allies. Actually, Ryan is more emotional than April but she does enjoy a good "chick flick". However, I am so happy for Lili and Abigail. They have that built in best friend to go see that latest "chick flick" with. They have that emotional ally. Already they make each other laugh. Abigail can't wait to go pick up Sissy every day from school and she gets so excited when Lili gets in the car. I love to see the sisterly bond that is already binding them together. What a blessing!
I know that when they get older all three of us can sit down to a "wallow in your emotions til the tears are streaming down you face chick flick" and when we come to the beautiful ending where Gertrude has just told Norman that it is he that she loves and not Arnold.... That they now will love each other more than cupcakes and gum etc. We can look over to the other side of the couch where David and Samuel will be watching us instead of the movie with big smiles on their faces, desperately trying not to laugh at us. But, at least we wont be alone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picture of the Day: You Make Me Smile

SInce it is around Thanksgiving and I do not think that I give thanks enough for all the amazing people in my life, I wanted to start with David.Wow! I love my husband!!!! Though not without hard times it is always amazing to me that after 14 years together ,dating included, we still like eachother. We still make eachother laugh harder than anyone else can. He is still the David that was my best friend back when I was 15. What a wonderful gift!!! He is without question the most honorable man. I have seen him be truthful even if it hurt him. I have seen him give many, many times when he had nothing else to give. He is a great friend. He is completely devoted to God and you know it's easy to walk the walk when the walk is easy but it has not been easy for David. He still keeps trusting and loving the Lord even when the way is long. When He worships, He is so very tender toward the Father. He is a humble, kind, loving, honest, funny, amzingly comlicated man and I love him for it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where Was I ?

Where was I?
I was tagged by my friend Coleen...

1 minute ago: I was telling Sam to go get Abigail's shoe out of the dogs mouth

1 day ago: I was at home with my kids after school.

1 week ago: I went to Christmas Play rehearsal where I am helping with the kids choir.

1 month ago: Oh gosh, home about to watch my guilty pleasure "Project Runway."

3 years ago: We were living at our house on n the other side of town and were just about to find out that Coleen and Greg were pregnant.

5 years ago: I had a a 5 month old chubby little baby girl and a really adorable little boy and was living in a trailor in ajunk yard at our family ranch. Yes, I would say we are better off now.

7 years ago: I was 2 years into a wonderful marriage. Living on a beautiful ranch, working at a charter school with David witha one year old son. We were completely miserable.

10 years ago: 1998? I was going to University majoring in Theatre. I was also wondering when my boyfriend of 4 years, David was going to propose..... He did the next Summer.
I tag Cari, Heidi and Marissa..

Picture of the Day: Tag Basketball

Hey Guys I was tagged by heidi so here it is. The sixth pic of the sixth folder in my pictues file. This is of Sam earlier this year in Upwards Basketball. He loved it and so did we. I tag Coleen, Kristi and Marissa.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Picture of the Day: Little Fall Leaf

I thought Lili looked like a little Fall leaf in this picture. she was kissed by the sun in her bronze dress. What a cutie. Yeah, I don't love my kids or anything.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Picture of the Day: Autumn's Child

This picture is of my extremely handsome boy. We both love autumn. I think we are both romantics at heart. I asked Sam on a date and I asked him what he would like to do. He said that he would like to take pictures of all the fall colors. How could I say no to that? I love to photograph beautiful things and I adore autumn. We had such a wonderful time watching the squirrels prance and jump from tree to tree. They also played hide and go seek with Sam. It was hilarious. I think those silly squirrels were actually enjoying themselves. Sam loved it too. I cannot think of a better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon. I know that we are to take in every joy that we can. I think that pleases the Father's heart. After all, isn't He the One who gave us these beautiful children? Not just to raise them and bring them up but to enjoy the most amazing of all His creations. Oh, how I enjoyed my son's company today. Blessings!

Sam took this pic of one of the prancing squirrels Texas. I have to say he has a really good eye.
Me and my precious boy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Picture of the Day: The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Picture of the Day: David's Beginning

I obviously did not take this picture of David and his mom. I love it though. I am so thankful for David and the love that we have for each other. He is one of my most precious gifts. I need to remember that when life gets tough. The people in our life are what's most important. I had an "attitude adjustment"week. You know those weeks when life seems too hard and things just do not seem to be going your way and you go the wrong way right along with it. I finally told my sweet husband about it and he prayed for me. I think that is what the word 'helpmate' really means. When I'm down he pulls me up. When he's down I pull him up. It made all the difference in the world to have someone fighting the fight with me. I thank God that he was born. What a gift!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Picture of the Day: Hands and Feet

This pic of Abigail is my business logo. Hands and Feet Photography. I love this because I love all of my children's little nooks and cranny's. They are so beautiful. Also, I would like everyone to pray for David today. He's funny. When he's having a hard day he says the monkey's are attacking. Today the monkey's got him right when he woke up. Please pray that the monkey's go away and his day is redeemed. He does so much and works so hard he needs some peace today. Thanks to all who pray.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Sucks

What in the world have we done? It is time to rise up and get loud. Prayer in our own closets is not enough. I am not saying that God cannot change things all by Himself but sometimes He makes us so sick of our present circumstances that we finally cry out and demand a change. NOT OBAMA CHANGE!!!!!! God fearing, moral, life giving change. Today I saw the effects of what this country has done through my 8 year old sons eyes. It was polarizing to me. He laid on his bedroom floor and wept like a baby. He could not understand how America could put a man in office who believes that murdering babies is o.k. . I saw him lose a little faith today and that crushed me to my core. The only thing I could say was that God was in control. To tell you the truth that is the only thing that has held me together today. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!! I have to keep telling myself that. Now, that does not mean that there was not free will involved in this life altering decision. The ignorant spoke this time. Let us not let that happen again. We have to speak up!!!!! We do not need to let things go so easily. When you get in conversation with someone who might not believe like you do, at least try to persuade them. Tell them the truth. The truth shall set us free. IT"S TIME FOR GOD'S PEOPLE TO LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD!!!!!!! Pray without ceasing! Speak up! Do not let ignorance take over.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Picture of the Day: Joyful Sunset

This picture was taken this last Easter. It was such a wonderful day. This sunset just finished it beautifully not to mention the beautiful bundle fo Joy in my arms.