Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Please Pray

Today my mother in law went into the hospital today with a horrible galbladder attack and pancreatitis.  She is in alot of pain and has not been able to rest or eat or anything.  Please pray for her that she will be out of pain and that her nausea will be eliminated.  Thanks.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture of the Day: My Little Lights

We normally go to North Texas for Christmas. It may come before , it may come after but we always go up to celebrate with Mema and Dandy. It is always fun, always exhausting and always full of love. If we go before Christmas, there is a really big and beautiful light display right along the river so all the lights reflect off the river like little stars. It is a real treat for the kids. It really is a place where you get to see the wonder of the season though their eyes. This time we went on the way home and it was bitterly cold . Let's just say we did not linger long but we laughed all the way through it and had a great time. Here is a pic taken of my three little lights. They are so much brighter than all the lights they had on diplay. They ran and laughed all the way. We were glad we stopped even though we were frozen.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holy New Year Batman!!!

Holy New Year Batman!!! Has it really been that long since I blogged. I feel as though I am going through withdrawals because I have not even gotten to look at every ones blogs much less write on mine. I have greatly missed it.

I am looking forward to a fresh New Year and a fresh perspective that I am determined to have even if I have to hold myself down in a headlock to do it. Joy is the word for the year. It will be filled with joy even if I have to look under a rock to find it.

Does it sound like I have been struggling in that area? Well, I have. I know that there are many people that have it a lot worse than me but you know how life can get you down sometimes. Problems can seem monumental and little things start jabbing you in the side telling you that they are BIG, BAD and HORRIBLE. I am going to choose to look at those little thing and tell them that no matter how BIG and BAD they may seem to me, my GOD is bigger than all of them put together and then some!

I encourage you to take this New Year and start fresh. Oh, I know that at the 1st of the year debt doesn't just vanish and a teething 1 year old magically learns how to talk ( so that the VERY
loud screaming dissipates). I just mean look at this shiny New Year as a way to change the way you might react to all those little things. It's going to be full of JOY!!! It's my choice. God gives it abundantly, I just have to grab on to it and not lose it. Scripture for the coming year: The joy of the Lord is my strength! Nehemiah 8:10

On that note, I leave you with the picture of the day. It's guaranteed to make you smile. Samuel has been asking for a nightcap for some time now and when we were decorating for Christmas he found one. We loaned it to Nathanael or he would still be wearing it every night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Picture of the Day:DIzzy

I think this is so fun. It makes me laugh! I don't have alot to say today but I think this one should make you smile. Have a joyful day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture of the Day: Opposites

These two little people could not be more opposite.
Sam is serious, Lili is bubbly.
Sam takes a while to get over things, Lili is over it in two shakes of a lambs tale.
Sam loves a few people very deeply, Lili loves everybody.
Sam says a few words, Lili has many.
Sam does not like Mexican food, it's Lili's favorite.
When Sam gets attention he does not know what to do with it, Lili will stand on a table and sing the Star Spangle Banner and believe that all the people in the room came there just to hear her melodic voice.
Sam is matter of fact, Lili is a daydreamer.
Sam enjoys doing activities, Lili can have fun looking at the carpet.
Sam is very cautious with people, Lili has never met a stranger.
They sound like the perfect pair to me. WOW! God knows what he is doing!
Weather they know it or not, someday they will be best friends.