Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where Was I ?

Where was I?
I was tagged by my friend Coleen...

1 minute ago: I was telling Sam to go get Abigail's shoe out of the dogs mouth

1 day ago: I was at home with my kids after school.

1 week ago: I went to Christmas Play rehearsal where I am helping with the kids choir.

1 month ago: Oh gosh, home about to watch my guilty pleasure "Project Runway."

3 years ago: We were living at our house on n the other side of town and were just about to find out that Coleen and Greg were pregnant.

5 years ago: I had a a 5 month old chubby little baby girl and a really adorable little boy and was living in a trailor in ajunk yard at our family ranch. Yes, I would say we are better off now.

7 years ago: I was 2 years into a wonderful marriage. Living on a beautiful ranch, working at a charter school with David witha one year old son. We were completely miserable.

10 years ago: 1998? I was going to University majoring in Theatre. I was also wondering when my boyfriend of 4 years, David was going to propose..... He did the next Summer.
I tag Cari, Heidi and Marissa..


  1. Love the new backdrop - looks great!

  2. Time is flying by too fast! We'll be down for Thanksgiving we HAVE to get together this time!