Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture of the Day: Abigail Joy to the World

I am having to catch up because the last couple of weeks have flown buy and taken me with them. Our precious Abigail turned one during this time and I have to tell you about some of the fun that surrounded us during this time
We made cupcakes the night of her birthday. Sam, Lili and I. I let the kids decorate them the way that they wanted to. They got very creative. Abigail is not really allowed alot of sugar and she looked at that cupcake like it was something from another planet. Then she tasted it and that was it. She knew exactly what to do. Well, we cleaned up the birthday cake mess and proceeded to get ready for bed. We did not take into account that the cupcake that Abigail ate was about the size of her head and nor did we even think about the enormous amount of sugar that was hitting her system. We laid her down expecting her to go right out like she always does. That did not happen. David tried to sing her to sleep but got so cracked up he had to start videoing the show. She looked like a pro wrestler. She was throwing her little body against the sides of her bed and then turning around in circles and then sitting and then laying down and then jumping up and then ...... Then I started trying to sing her to sleep. She started clapping so fast then dancing. We knew we were going to have to let her run it off. We got her out of bed and just let the video camera run. At one point she was carrying around a granola bar, still in the wrapper, she fell and started crawling , then she drooled and started to try and cleant the drool off the floor by rubbing it with the granola bar. What a night. Who said sugar is not a drug. She crashed soon after the drool.

We also took her to the zoo. She loves animals and she ate it up. Carl and Cari and their kids came with us. Also Aunt Sarah and Grace. She oohed and ahhed at everything. We had a great time with all the kids. It was a good first birthday for Abigail Joy. We are so thankful for her and the joy she brings to us.

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  1. Ah, the first taste of cake. Luke had a similar reaction. I hope that the pictures and video work when I post them. I wish we had a zoo to take our kids to.