Friday, November 7, 2008

Picture of the Day: David's Beginning

I obviously did not take this picture of David and his mom. I love it though. I am so thankful for David and the love that we have for each other. He is one of my most precious gifts. I need to remember that when life gets tough. The people in our life are what's most important. I had an "attitude adjustment"week. You know those weeks when life seems too hard and things just do not seem to be going your way and you go the wrong way right along with it. I finally told my sweet husband about it and he prayed for me. I think that is what the word 'helpmate' really means. When I'm down he pulls me up. When he's down I pull him up. It made all the difference in the world to have someone fighting the fight with me. I thank God that he was born. What a gift!


  1. You two are so lucky to have each other. We are blessed to have you in our lives. The Lord loves us all enough to share us with each other.

  2. I think he's a dork - but I love you! (Just kidding)

  3. Haha Cari. Love you too Beckie.