Saturday, November 15, 2008

Picture of the Day: Sisters

I will never forget as young woman watching a "chick flick" as David calls them (even though he has enjoyed them from time to time, although he would never tell you that) . Anyway, I remember the movie coming to its very emotional end and me, being moved by the music and the storyline to such an extent that I begin to weep. Then I look over to the other two people watching the movie with me. My dad and my brother. Instead, they are watching me with big smiles on their faces trying not to laugh at my show of emotion. Kind of ruined the moment for me....
Now, as much as I love my dad and brother, I so desperately needed another female in the house to be emotional with me. My mom could not be there for me emotionally because of her illness.... I longed for a sister.
I have to say that my brother is one of the most precious people I know and we both cry at the drop of hat. He is a very tender hearted person and one of my greatest friends and supports. I do not long for a sister anymore. I have three of them now. Cari, Sarah and April. My emotional allies. Actually, Ryan is more emotional than April but she does enjoy a good "chick flick". However, I am so happy for Lili and Abigail. They have that built in best friend to go see that latest "chick flick" with. They have that emotional ally. Already they make each other laugh. Abigail can't wait to go pick up Sissy every day from school and she gets so excited when Lili gets in the car. I love to see the sisterly bond that is already binding them together. What a blessing!
I know that when they get older all three of us can sit down to a "wallow in your emotions til the tears are streaming down you face chick flick" and when we come to the beautiful ending where Gertrude has just told Norman that it is he that she loves and not Arnold.... That they now will love each other more than cupcakes and gum etc. We can look over to the other side of the couch where David and Samuel will be watching us instead of the movie with big smiles on their faces, desperately trying not to laugh at us. But, at least we wont be alone.


  1. Well said. I had 3 sisters and feel connected to them each differently. It makes me want to have a girl for Anneke. Not yet, though, not yet...

  2. You go girl. I think this is it for me. More power to you!

  3. Yes, I know the feeling with the 3 brothers. I love the girls have each other.

  4. 4 daughters gave us lots of power with chick flicks but it sure left Clyde out. However he got his time in with his movies, building forts instead of playhouses out back and playing rough with the girls. Now except for Heather they all have boys. Weird how life works out.