Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture of the Day: Dance With Daddy

This picture was taken about three and half years ago when my Lili Belle was about 2 1/2. David and her were dancing in our living room. He is such a great daddy. I have to be honest. I did not know how he was going to do with a little girl but he put to rest all my concerns when I first saw him hold her. He turned into one giant melted pile on the floor when she made her first girly ( is that a word?) little noise. After that, it was hopeless. There have been many hilarious moments when I would walk in and find him doing things I never thought my manly man would do. Like the time I ran through her room only to find David on the floor and Lili rubbing baby lotion all over his face ( he hates lotion more than anything and he really hates it on his face). Sucker! He has let her paint his nails, dress him up and has eaten half eaten things that both of would never be able to recognize all because she looked at him with her lively blue eyes and said "here Daddy". What a trooper. Him and Sam are now outnumbered in our tiny little house. The house full of women. He loves it and he loves his girls. He is a great dad to Sam but that was a given. We thought we would have all boys. After growing up with the Richards boys I thought I was destined to have all boys! God just surprised us. Sorry I know this is the second post involving my little girls but this is really about David. He is a great dad!!! I could not be more pleased with the father that God gave my boy and my little girls.


  1. Opposite of you, I thought I was going to have all girls. It never even occurred to me that Dutch would be a boy. But I guess Heavenly Father knows what he's doing, because I wouldn't change my little Prince for anything!

  2. I know how you feell Pammy. I think that my beautiful boy is the cat's meow. I think my beautiful girls are the bee's knees. I am blessed all around. by the way Dutchie is adorable.

  3. I was so scared I wouldn't have a girl. I felt that Andy needed one after having all brothers. He is so funny with his little girl. He knows she has him wrapped around her finger. David is a great dad! (from what I have seen.)

  4. I didn't know you were a blogger?!? Woohoo! Glad to find you. And I didn't know anyone else was as obsessed with Cary Grant and Doris Day as I am! (I used to tell my Dad he looked like Cary Grant...swoon!)

    Blessings to your sweet family!


  5. Isn't it funny! Yes, Ben wears tiaras and makeup on a regular basis! I love to see him with his girls!!