Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Sucks

What in the world have we done? It is time to rise up and get loud. Prayer in our own closets is not enough. I am not saying that God cannot change things all by Himself but sometimes He makes us so sick of our present circumstances that we finally cry out and demand a change. NOT OBAMA CHANGE!!!!!! God fearing, moral, life giving change. Today I saw the effects of what this country has done through my 8 year old sons eyes. It was polarizing to me. He laid on his bedroom floor and wept like a baby. He could not understand how America could put a man in office who believes that murdering babies is o.k. . I saw him lose a little faith today and that crushed me to my core. The only thing I could say was that God was in control. To tell you the truth that is the only thing that has held me together today. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!! I have to keep telling myself that. Now, that does not mean that there was not free will involved in this life altering decision. The ignorant spoke this time. Let us not let that happen again. We have to speak up!!!!! We do not need to let things go so easily. When you get in conversation with someone who might not believe like you do, at least try to persuade them. Tell them the truth. The truth shall set us free. IT"S TIME FOR GOD'S PEOPLE TO LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD!!!!!!! Pray without ceasing! Speak up! Do not let ignorance take over.


  1. I know!!! I am so thankful for them. I think our kids are going to raise heaven. TEE HEE!

  2. God is in control and He is requiring us to cling to Him in this situation. But, I am praying for it to be a fast 4 years!