Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kind a Funny

Well, WOW! I find it really funny that the day after I write about getting my strength from God I get sick. I was walking around on the last day of VBS (Splash Day!), which is my favorite day, by the way, and my friend Tammy looked at me and immediately sent me home. I was sad and relieved because I could not figure out why I was so tired. When I got home I had a fever of 102. At least I knew why i was sooooooo tired. I kind of laughed and went to bed. Knowing Friday night I would have to go back and do all of my "cheerleader" moves on stage once again.
I did it! It was awesome and the kids loved it and we all had a great time. I even enjoyed it through my fog of Advil and fever. God truly was my strength last night. Thank You God for always lifting me up. Anyway, it was kind a funny. Note to all who read this... Your faith will be tested. Haha! Just my two cents...

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  1. You get your strength from god? How does that work then? Does he prescribe tablets, oversee your diet or just send out positive vibes?