Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday My Sweet Lili! and I Need Him

It is my precious Lili's 7th Birthday today! She is so beautiful and sweet I wanted to give 7 attributes that make her great so here goes...
1. She is heaven minded. She will choose God every time even if it's a toy or item. She will choose the toy or item with a Scripture verse on it over a nicer item.
2. She is so creative. She is always doing art projects and thinking out of any box. I love it!
3. She is bold. She will tell anyone what she believes and why she believes it.
4. She is kind. She does not ever say a bad word about anyone.
5. She is loving. She will look at someone who has been nasty to her and forgive them immediately and tell them, she loves them all in one breath.
6. She is peaceful. Very little ruffles her feathers. Even during scary storms she is singing.
7. She is mine. Thank you God!!!! She is our precious girl!!!!!!

Ok so we have been doing Vacation Bible School all week at church. I get to do the worship which involves channeling my inner cheerleader and singing about 4 hours out of the day. Can anyone say cardio? It has been so fun and has gotten to the point they don't have to ask me if I will be there next year anymore. They know that I will do it. I enjoy it.
The one thing I do not enjoy is the complete exhaustion all of us feel at the end of the week. However,one thing that has come to me out of this complete exhaustion has been that, as I am singing these fun worship songs about God and gyrating on stage, I am meaning the words that I sing. I have found myself closing my eyes and crying out to Him for His strength and His energy. You know what? It comes to me. Just when I think that I cant do that dance move one more time or I can't jump one more time. I have the strength to do it. I remember when I went on choir tour when I was a teen. We sang this song that says:
"His strength is perfect
When our strength is gone
He'll carry us when we can't carry on
Raised in His power
The weak become strong
His strength is perfect
His strength is perfect

His strength has been all that I have has this week and it has been enough. It has driven me closer to Him to have nothing but His strength to call on. There are so many times that I think it is me getting me through hard situations but it's not and never has been. He carries me. He even carries me through Vacation Bible School (why do they call it that?)week. To some they would say that was a small thing to go through. Believe me, in my life I have been through much more than that, but He cares about every little detail of my life. Ask Jesus to carry you. He will. He loves you and wants to be your strength. Just thought you would like to know...

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