Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smells Like Honey

When I am in my garden all of the problems of the world lift like a cloud off of my shoulders and I start to do something that I do not normally do. I breath in and out and in and out. I actually become conscious of my breathing. Something I normally do not have any recollection of during the busyness of the day.
In those times I smell the flowers and the dirt. I get my hands dirty and feel great satifaction in pulling out the smallest of weeds. I water the garden. I take joy in the seedlings just sprouting from the earth. I always think of God when I am in my garden. I feel loved that he has given me ground to tend. I am thankful. I prayed so long for a place to cultivate and now I have many years of cultivating ahead of me.
This leads me to the other night. My son and I had to run out and get something from my car. The night air was breezy and cool. I could see the purple larkspur just peaking over my porch. Then my son turned to me and said, "Hey mom, it smells like honey!" I took a deep breath in and the air was absolutely soaked with the smell of honey. It was so sweet that I wanted to sleep out on my porch and just take it in all night long.
After we went back inside to the smells of baked chicken and my scented candle, that could not "hold a candle " to the beautiful fragrance that I had just drawn in, I felt as though I had had a little glimpse of the fragrance of God.
Only He could create a smell that wonderful. It had to be what music would smell like if music had a smell. I just could not shake the feeling that He loves me. It felt like He was so close in that moment. All of my life one of my strongest dreams is to sit in the lap of my Heavenly Father and put my head on His chest. I just want to take Him in just like I did that beautiful aroma last night. Take a moment this day ,whether you have a garden or not, to breath in the aroma of your Heavenly Father. He is there with his arms open probably smelling of honey.

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