Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mountain Pinks

This is a beautiful flower that is native to our area. It is called the "Mountain Pink". Pinks can live in very harsh and very dry conditions. They can survive drought, rocky soil and scorching heat. Even in these harsh conditions they thrive. Even in these harsh conditions they are beautiful.
I have decided that I will be like a Mountain Pink. Lately, we have been going through a time of difficulty. What we thought was going to be our future does not look like it will be. We have been sad and discouraged and feel like we are walking around in the dark. In some instances we have felt betrayed and brushed aside. It seems like we are thriving anyway. We still love the Lord, we will always serve Him and know that He is in control. We will forgive and grow from this. We will get up and dust ourselves off and move on. We will continue doing what God puts in front of us to do. We will live through these harsh conditions and grow anyway. May God help you to be like the Mountain Pink in your time of trouble. May you bloom and be beautiful in the hardest of times. photograph: Handprints on the Window

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