Wednesday, July 28, 2010


O.k. so I finally feel like I have worked through some things that I have needed to for a long time. Things that have held me back and made me bitter. Things that have corrupted and hurt the person that I know I am. Finally, I feel peaceful. Like I have overcome these things that have done nothing but destroy. Peaceful.
I am a sensitive person. Full of a lot of flaws. I have learned to embrace some of those flaws and also learned that some of them have to go. One of them is allowing other peoples words to steal my peace. I find I can be walking along completely peaceful and content in that fact and someone can say one word and I am in turmoil. I mean that one word can totally destroy the peace that I have been enjoying. The peace that only God can give.
Now, I am learning that God is always able to give me this peace.One of my friends describes it like a waterfall. Always falling and beautiful. Totally refreshing and constructive. Healing and washing away all that is not of God. Everything that is not peaceful gets washed into the water. It is always there. It is up to me to step under that peace and stay there. Or it is up to me to step out from under it and let the troubles of this world weigh me down again. It is up to me.
When people speak to me and one word can change how I feel it is not their fault it is mine if I let what they have said steal my peace. In essence they have not stolen my peace, I have stepped out from under it and lost it all on my own.
I have been practicing lately. Every time that happens to imagine myself stepping right back into that wonderful waterfall and not allowing a word or an action steal my peace. One of the last things that Jesus said before He left this earth was, " Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled..." John 14:27. I think that says it all. He left it here. It is always here. He never changes so it is that way even this day. He love me. He gave His peace. It is up to me to stay in it.

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