Friday, July 9, 2010

The Other Side

What is the other side? To those moving up in years it is when they cross over to be with Jesus in heaven. For some it is their side of a conflict. For others it is the water on the other side of the desert they have been walking through. The desert. Figuratively it is used a lot to describe lonely and dry times in our walk with the Lord. Times when we don't see Him but trust that He is there. Those times are filled with battles that we feel too tired to fight.Yet somehow we find the stregnth to fight them. Plain and simple I have learned that the strength that we find has not come from us. He is and always will be our strength.
From childhood, fear was a very large part of my life. I feard what would happen to me when i grew up, I feared the dark, I feared what people thought of me. There are still those days that I am paralyzed with fear of the unknown or irrational things that could happen. Might happen.
Those are interesting words...could...might. There is nothing concrete about those words at all. There is nothing about those words that can gaurantee me anything. I like the word "will". In John 14:14 it says,"You may ask Me for anything in My name and I WILL do it." Yeah, I think that "will" is a really great word. I can trust in those words. So as a person that is learning that coming to the other side is a constant thing in her life. Because, let's face it, our lives are moving pictures. They don't stop for us. They are changing everyday. It is a beautiful thing. I just have to relinquish the control and enjoy the change. Fight when I have to and trust that He is always with me, not just on the other side but right where I am.

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