Monday, July 19, 2010


All of my life music has been a part of me. I was born singing. I think i actually came out of the womb singing. I have recordings that my dad and mom took of me at 18 months old singing on key and knowing every word. I am not bragging , it is just such an enormous part of the person I am. When you have something in your life that is as big as music is to me. You know, something that is just so much a part of you , you would not even begin to know how to tell someone to do it for themselves. I started teaching music at the small Christian school that my children attend. I actually started to panic because I had no idea how to tell them about music. Because ,with me, music just is.
Yesterday we went to a small concert of a Christian recording artist that I had listened to when I was a child. His style is so melodic and so edifying I would close my eyes and just listen. Beautiful music is like water to a weary soul.
As a mom with three precious and very amazing children, I don't get to feed that part of myself as much as I would like. I felt refreshed from the music and refreshed by getting to spend time with my sweet husband. I just want to encourage you to feed those parts of you that you might feel have died. Those things in you like art and music. Or maybe you have the gift of conversation and have not talked to a human in days. Go talk to someone.For my nine year old, it is birdwatching. He loves to photograph and draw and watch birds. For my friend, it is writing. She is a very gifted writer. For my husband, it is playing the piano or hunting. Getting out in nature and just soaking up God's beautiful creation.Edify yourself. You will feel more refreshed and more able to run the race. Psalm 45:1 "My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite verses for the king"
I think the Psalmist was referring to a gift that God had given to him. Getting to recite his poetry was a way to feed his soul.His heart was stirred by it. He was refreshed by it. If you love to paint, go paint something. If you love to sing , go sing or hear someone sing. If you love to garden, go plant something.
Just my two cents...

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