Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pic of the Day: Calling

Tonight we were driving home from Church, a wonderful class my daughter Lili goes to that teaches her how to be Christlike. While driving home, Lili, my middle angel, just started talking about another country. She started discussing the underground churches in this country. She elaborated in such detail about this certain people that i asked her where she heard of underground churches etc. She told me school. Then she went on to say that God had called her to be a missionary to this certain people. I asked when. She told me 2009. She elaborated, He told her Himself in her heart that she was to go to this certain country and be a missionary. She said it with such conviction that , even now, I am protective about putting the name of this country on my blog for fear that it could come back to bite her one day. As we drove on in silence, I found tears pouring down my cheeks. I have always known that she was special. She has always been God's girl. Her heart has always been His. He really does speak to her. She was the one who would be talking to no one in her room at 18 months old and when we would ask her about it, she would say she had been talking to an angel.
Right now, I am writing this through tears. Partly because I am so proud of her I could burst and partly because I am a mom and my protective nature runs to the very core of me. However, I know there will come a day when my angels have to go and do what God asks. I am not ready for that day yet but I know when that day comes I will be. Before I finished this blog I went to Lili and told her how proud I was of her. Not for being a missionary or anything like that, but just for being her. I said it all through my tears and just held her. She hugged me back and I realized that she had been crying too. I asked her why. Her reply: " Because I know that I am doing the right thing."
That is not a six year old answer.


  1. WOW!! So honorable, I cannot wait to see what unfolds. I want to hear all about it!

  2. You are so blessed to have such a strong spirited little girl. I was in tears when I read it and I have no idea where is she is talking about BUT I can feel through your words that she is right!

    PS I feel like I left you out. Send me an email and I will get a blog background made for you!

  3. Yall are so sweet. Heather, that is so sweet too. I would love one of your blog backgrounds. They are beautiful.