Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture of the Day: My Sunshine

Oh Lili, you just make me smile. She has been home all week because of a Fall Break from school. Already a cloud has lifted from my heart. She has the gift of optomism that so few have. At 5 years old, she knows what is trully important. Alot of times she will, out of the blue say to me or whoever is there to hear it (whoever God wants to hear it),"God is all that matters", or "Jesus died for us and He is all that matters". I think as adults we , in the rushing, scheduling, striving, forget the basics. He loves us and He is the only person that matters. God gave me the gift of having my joyous, ministering spirit home with me this week. Thank you, Lord.
Picture of the Day: My Sunshine


  1. What a great word! I needed to hear that thanks! She is so precious.