Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lili the Artist

O.K. This pic is priceless. On Friday it was Grown Up Day at school. I asked her what she wanted to be and she said a Sea World Swimmer or an artist, While I am way into encouraging my children's aspirations, I also knew that 8 hours in a wet suit could get pretty uncomfortable. I mean think about the chaffing...We decided she would be an artist. Let's just say she owned it.

I was so proud of David and me. We could not find a beret anywhere so I decided to make one. We has so much fun doing the whole look.

She was asked several questions by her teacher here are the answeres.

College: Africa

Age when you grow up: 15

How many children are you going to have: 100,000

15 girls and 1,000 boys

When you have a day off what do you do: Stay in hotels

How much did you sell your first painting for: $100,000.00

A child can dream but ,you know, I could acctualy see this being her profession. She is always drawing and writing. All of her is learning all the time. Whatever she does, she will be the artist in her field. Who knows, she could be the most creative mother of all time. I cannot think of a more honorable profession. Go far Lili. By the way, I have no idea how I got into the blue and underlining. Still learning about this new world.


  1. Lili the artist - she and Carlye can open a studio together. Actually, Nathanael is my little artist now, so maybe he'll open it with her after they get married.

  2. What a cute girl! She is such a character! Welcome to the blogging world. I just started one as well, not the best at it, but making an attempt!