Wednesday, September 28, 2011

long time

It has been an excedingly long time since I have posted. There are many reasons. 1. The kids started school. 2. My friend signed me up for Pinterest ( a horribly addicting sight that requires very little effort for a very visually gratifying time). and 3. I have been sick and have not been pursuing anything that I love because I do not feel well and am completely uninspired by this feeling. I suppose that that is a horrible excuse since there are many people out there who feel badly but continue on soldiering through all of their trials and recording them down for all the world to see. I think that is very brave. It is vulnurable. I do not like to be vulnerable. Both my sweet husband and I have been feeling badly for the past few months and cannot seem to get over whatever this is. Stinks but , oh well,. I still have to be a mommy and I still have to clean my house and I still have to be the wife above all, billpayer, boo boo kisser, homework helper, chaufer, personal secretary...etc. All things that I do love just don't have energy for anything else. I am not being whiny, just explaining my lack of interest in virtually everything that does not directly relate to my families survival.
It has been through this cursed virus or whatever it is that I have learned that it is not by my strength that anything gets done around here. It is Christ in me. That Scripture, I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength. It is sooooooooo true. Just a post to tell you it does not have to be all you. Trust me, it is not all me! Lay all of your cares upon His shoulders He really does carry them for you. Personal experience. Have a good week:)

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