Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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She is cute but don't let that fool you.

As you can see from my last post we are struggling with the sincerity of others. I am working on it though and feel that I will soon get "victory" ,as my BFF says, over the situation. As for now, my kids have started their first week of school. My son loves his teacher and PE. That is a start considering that he was saying he was only 10% excited about going back to school. My daughter loves her teacher, loves to learn and generally loves the whole school process. She does not like waking up in the morning but is doing ok right now. Even though I can see it becoming an issue later. Any thought how to keep it from becoming an issue would be welcome... The Doodle Bug has been punishing me, her brother and her sister since we dropped them off the first day of school. She has been absolutely naughty for 2 days now. After a large fit over wether or not she felt good enough to take a backpack full of climbing rope (random) ,that she brought with her into my car , back into our house resulted in her dragging it on her hand and knees onto the front porch crying at the top of her lungs in front of our entire neighborhood, I figured out that I had sent both of her servants to school. I know, biggest run on sentence ever! I won that battle and will continue to prevail until she figures out that she can, indeed , do tasks for herself.
I write about this because it is not like her to be so obstinate. She is bossy, unfortunately like me, but not normally obstinate. I find myself apologizing to my husband all the time now as she starts to behave more and more like me. Sorry again, honey. God does know what He is doing and gave her to me for a reason. Until my next log, this is Jodi , 1st officer of the Starship Whitehouse signing off.

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