Thursday, August 11, 2011


We are going through a severe drought in Texas. The grass is leaving behind dirt and the dirt is blowing away and leaving rock. I have been praying for it to rain for months now and the drought is still not breaking. I have also watched a lot of my flowers just wither and die. You have no idea how much that saddens me. I love my flowers and I love to garden. I confess that there have been times in the past couple of months that i have wanted to pack up and leave the Big T and go for some greener pastures. We can't do that but it would be nice to weather out this drought in a green place. Haha! But, sometimes, breaking the heat with there white and grey calm are the clouds that gather and float around in our atmosphere. It's funny, most of time in summer, you don't wish for clouds. I wish for clouds all the time. Today has started out a beautiful, cloudy day. It is so much cooler when they are here. It helps break the monotony of the heat that seem to never let go it's grip on out state.
It's true in life to. How can you ever enjoy the sun unless you have a cloudy day once in a while. I miss the clouds.

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