Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dreams Dashed, Hopes Crushed

Ok so I get the whole mystique about 3D movies. I understand that anything that can bring our most bizarre dreams more to life than they already are is a plus. Case in point Avatar. I have been waiting a while to see this movie ,some folklore says,
took 14 years to make, for a while. Now,the only problem with 3D for both me and my adorable husband is that it messes with our heads and gives us both headaches. I mean migraines.
We were so excited, I got all dolled up for our date night. I did look pretty cute if I do say so myself. We waltzed up to the theatre in the rain. Yes, just like Gene Kelly in Singin' In the Rain. We sauntered up to the ticket counter and asked if they had Avatar in a regular format, as most 3D shows do. You know one with 3D and one without. To our great disappointment, the ticket guy said, "No."
We walked away hopes dashed and dreams crushed! Or was it the other way. Anyway. We don't get to see Avatar! So David and I go to Blockbuster and see an acquaintance there, tell him our tragic story, and watch his disappointment for us register on his face ,because he knows what we are missing.I must confess that it did not help when I am relaying this story to Cari the next day and she looks at me and says, "that's too bad because it really was an awesome movie." Aaaaaghhh!
James Cameron, where is your humanity?!!!!! Think about us poor retched souls that cannot handle 3D movies next time you take 14 years to make an epic picture! Really!


  1. I was not impressed with the movie, well made, over dramatic story plot, too preachy. Us humans are all evil, you know.

  2. Generally, 3D doesn't work for me either, but the work in this one was good enough that Clyde and I both were able to watch and enjoy it--a first for both of us with this particular format.
    Having said that, it really is an effects movie more than a story movie. It is that "humans=bad, noble savages=good" story, but with the Dances With Wolves flavor.

  3. Thanks for trying to make me feel better yall!