Friday, June 10, 2011

Ahhh Man!!!

I have been missing my friends lately. We rarely get to see each other because of families, school , jobs etc. All things that we did not have ten years ago when we started out. It was just us couples and if we stayed up a little to late, oh well, we could just rest up after we got home from work. So, I was so excited about getting to do a friend night this Friday. We were going to meet up and go swimming at night. What a summer fun thing to do! But, alas, my brain sabotaged me and told me that I said something out loud when I did not say it at all. I messed up our whole evening and we did not get to go. Friends let down, us let down. Seriously, I am sitting here sick to my stomach. I almost cried. For reals. Anyone out there ever mess up? If you have let me know because right now feeling kinda down. I know it seems small but we rarely do get to do anything together. Sorry friends. We love y'all.

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