Monday, January 3, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you have a family of five and you wait an entire week to do laundry that you have an actual mountain on the inside of your house? Something to think about...Notice in the picture above that both of my daughters are wearing dress clothes. Note: we did not go anywhere that night that was all of the clean clothing that they had. We stayed home and watched a movie. Also notice that my seven year old Blondie is wearing an outfit that is at least two sizes too small for her. This is what happens when you are sick the entire Christmas vacation. All you do is lay around and watch every movie that you have not gone to see in theatres. Your house goes to pot. Maybe God allowed us to become ill so that we would actually rest. We definitely did. These are all of the amazing illnesses of 2010, all contracted within a two week period: The stomach Flu, Somewierdfevercoughthingythatneverseemstoleaveus ( I do think that that is the actual scientific name of this illness), Walking Pneumonia, and Strep! It was super fun!
Hey, the way I look at it. We got them all out of the way so that we do not have to get anything else. My house has been Cloroxed and, thankfully, every single person in the house is now well. We had a lot of together time though. I did very much enjoy being with my family and having my SH (Sweet Husband) home almost the whole time. Perk of having a teacher for a husband. Anyhoo, God is still good and we are sooooooo excite about 2011!
Now back to Mount Laundry!


  1. We weren't sick, and there is a mountain of laundry in my house as well. I wish we still lived in the Garden of Eden, if you know what I mean..........

  2. I love having a teacher husband, even if he makes next to nothing.

  3. Just read about that tonight during my Bible reading. I was wishing the very same thing. Teehee