Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pic of the Day:Spring Break Pics

Here are some of the latest pics that we have gotten of the kids Spring Break. Samuel took the one of the butterfly. I love it so much am using it as my screensaver! So far, we have gone to a little town and fished and looked for rocks on the banks of the River, the kids including Carlye, Nathanael and Noah and David along with our friend and the kids teacher went fishing and Sam saw a rare Green Kingfisher. That is a bird if you do not know. I will explain more later. We have gone rollerskating. I am sure my friend will email me the pics of that because I am holding the ones of her kids on the river hostage until she ante's up her hilarious rollerskating pics. Ha! I love having them home and not having to rush everything. It has been a blessing.


  1. well, I know where Sam gets his talent. Amazing photo, I bet Grandpa Carpenter liked that one too.