Friday, February 6, 2009

Pictures of the Day: Squirmy 14 Month Old

O.k. so these are not my best but I am convinced that I would have to move at the speed of light to take pics of the little busy bee that is Abigail. It was actually funny and there was no frustration involved. Just a lot of running. Any of you feel the same? I guess it's her job to explore and learn about this awesome world that the Lord created for her. I would just like one pic without her screaming. 
I remember when Carlye, Grace and Lili were little it was as if the camera was made to photograph them. The instant a camera was displayed they would start posing. Abigail does not care and really would rather there not be any cameras. That way there would be no interruption to her exploring. But I, as her mommy, feel that I just have to capture that little pudgy face. It's my job.

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  1. My friend Stefani at Blue Yonder says her fave pics are out of focus b/c they are living life. I love your pics!