Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About My Second Born

1. She is super fun to be around!
2. She is almost always positive.
3. She loooves to being fancy. 
4. She likes to accessorize. As of right now, she is wearing 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets. That's just what I am able to see.
5. She never says a bad word about anyone.
6. She loves everybody. Even the people who are not easy to love.
7.Right now she is singing a song about remembering the Sabbath Day and keeping it holy.
8. Her giggle is infectious.
9.She wants a blue room.
10.She loves to talk about God. A lot!
11. She teaches me something new everyday.
12. She washes her hands a lot. Like it is a little OCD.
13. Her hands always smell like soap.
14.She loves to learn and will learn from anyone who wants to teach her something.
15. She is growing her hair out for Locks of Love.
16. She has a strong backbone. She will stand up for what she thinks is right and strongly rejects that which she thinks is wrong.
17. She does not like Bratz dolls and will tell you so vehemently.
18. She is soooo silly. 
19. She has a messy room most of the time but I learned a couple of weeks ago that she can organize very well. I mean do you know how frustrated I was. She cleaned her horrible room in 20 minutes perfectly. Stinker!
20. She loves all of us so much and is always giving "hugs and kissies" . 
21. She bites her nails. I have promised her that we will go for a real manicure if she stops and she just doesn't. 
22. She gave Noah his nickname Nowy. Sorry don't know how to spell it.
23.She has an amazing imagination.
24. She plays by herself all the time and can do it for hours. She loves to draw and write.
25. She loves having special time with David and I. We love being with her too.

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  1. Her 'Aunt Cari' would send me into fits about her dirty room but when the whim hit her - she could clean it 30 minutes (and I don't mean stuff things under the bed). You do have sweet children but she is truly "Frilly Lily!"