Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture of the Day: My Little Lights

We normally go to North Texas for Christmas. It may come before , it may come after but we always go up to celebrate with Mema and Dandy. It is always fun, always exhausting and always full of love. If we go before Christmas, there is a really big and beautiful light display right along the river so all the lights reflect off the river like little stars. It is a real treat for the kids. It really is a place where you get to see the wonder of the season though their eyes. This time we went on the way home and it was bitterly cold . Let's just say we did not linger long but we laughed all the way through it and had a great time. Here is a pic taken of my three little lights. They are so much brighter than all the lights they had on diplay. They ran and laughed all the way. We were glad we stopped even though we were frozen.

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