Monday, December 5, 2011


There are very few things that stay the same in our lives. We get older, children grow up, time passes. And with that, people change and so the world around you changes. One thing that has stayed the same is God. He has proven Himself over and over to be there. Just "There". That is a big word when you feel alone and isolated either by motherhood or other struggles you might find yourself walking through. It's Christmas time right now. For most of us it is a wonderful, joyous time of year but for some it is the most alone time of year that a person can experience.
God is also merciful putting people in your lives that no matter how much time passes they are there. Thank You ,God, for the tangible reminder that You are alive in the hearts of others. That You are able to reach us through the warm hug of my sweet husband to the call from a friend. Be sure to look for that reminder that you are not alone. I hope you do not have to look hard. Blessings!


  1. I love that picture. I remember those babies. Aw!

  2. i know! It is crazy how fast time flies!