Sunday, February 27, 2011


Restoration: the action of returning something to a former condition
I have been thinking a lot about this word lately. I have been praying for certain things to be restored. Relationships, states of mind and even my house. Haha! It will take a while for my house. Not kidding.
I have been petitioning God about restoring . He has been very faithful in the past to restore certain things to me. I had to get on my knees an awful lot to get there but He was faithful to do so. In fact, he made what was restored better than it had been before. That is what He does. He will allow some things to be torn down in your life only to build them back up the way He wants them. He does not promise that it will not hurt because crushing and breaking does hurt. He does promise to hold you through all of it though. He is also a Master Restorer. He sands off all the old varnish and dirt, takes out all the old fixtures that are broken, scrapes away the peeling paint and puts a new finish on all of it. In the end it looks better than how it started. So I hope if you are praying for restoration that God does all that and more for you. I think it is best not to fight all the change but ask God what He is saying in the change. If you have been praying for God to restore, hang in there... He has a plan. He will work it out and He will restore. It is up to us to listen through the process.

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