Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Provider

My husband is a teacher. He was a teacher then he was a sawmill owner. Now, he is a teacher and a sawmill owner. Neither of which pay much. He teaches for a small Christian private school that is just into it's second year of existence. That being said we do not make a lot teaching. I am the music teacher and he is the math science teacher for 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade. This is his first year of teaching since 2001. We prayed a whole lot about whether or not he should take this job, knowing that the pay was not much and that it would be crazy for a while. We felt the peace of God and still do.
Daily, David and his students take prayer requests and write them down and pray over them until they get answered. They ask for many things and so does David. He often asks for prayer for our finances and the kids are faithful to pray for that. One of my students , however, came to me to talk about it though and she was greatly distressed about the fact that we don't make a lot of money. It was a good opportunity to talk to her about God, My Provider. I told her that we were not doing what we were doing for the money and that God was always faithful to provide because we were doing what He was telling us to do. She still had a worried look. She asked me what we were going to do about school for our kids someday. You know, how were we going to pay for the best schools etc. I told her that if God wanted my children in those schools, He would provide the money to send them there. He is My Provider. He has been and He always will be. Even if , someday, we end up millionaires, He is our Provider. We don't find peace in money. I mean it is nice to have around but my peace is supposed to be in God.
I got tested the other day in that. I went to check an account and my heart sank. We had very little in it and almost went to the land of despair. But I checked myself and talked to God. I told Him that it was just money and that I would not let money or the lack there of steal my peace. Later that night I went to hear a speaker for the volunteers of our church. He talked about this woman who was in his Bible school. He felt like someone in his class had prayed for 500.00 that morning so he asked if there was anyone that had. A woman raised her hand. He took out a fifty dollar bill, which was all he had on him at the time, and said ,"there is 500.00 in this 50.00. Don't limit God and see what He does. On her way home she stopped at the grocery store to pick up groceries. While she was standing in the check out line, she noticed a family in front of her that could not pay for their groceries. Feeling God's leading she handed them the 50.00. When she got home that night, a person she knew met her at the door. This person told her that they felt like they were supposed to give her 500.00 dollars! God increased her gift in a mighty way and was her Provider.
That night I went home to my husband inspired and peaceful. One our friends was there just hanging out with him and I started telling them what the message was about and how we don't need to measure our success by how much money we make because God is in control of that. He is our Provider. I also told them how I did not let the enemy steal my peace that morning when I saw the depressing balance in our savings account. Not long after I finished telling them this did our friend pull a card out of their pocket and hand it to us. Inside was a really encouraging note to my sweet husband and a check made out for 500.00! I love my Provider! by the way, my handsome and talented son took that picture above.

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