Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pic of the Day:Sunny Day

So the other day was a sunny day! It was one of the first warm, sunny days of the year. Abigail and I went out onto a huge concrete slab I call the launch pad. Why do I call it the launch pad you ask? Because it looks like a launch pad. That's why. We had a picnic a just laid in the sun. It was great! I got inspired my little firefly running all over the "launchpad" so I decided to take our picture. Well, being that I have been up since four forty five this morn, I am going to cut this short. I do need to say that I am so glad that my friend is OK and that she and I are going to kick butt in a race very soon. Love you friend!

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  1. Rock and Roll Marathon. November. See ya there!