Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Have to See This

May I introduce you to a new site.  I now have it bookmarked so I can look at the new picture everyday. It is an amazing collection of pictures taken of space. It makes me feel so small in a good way. I think down here we believe that we have all of this control over so many things. It gets overwhelming at times. When you see these pictures you get the idea that we are not who is in control. I just wrote a song about this the other day . It is simple but the words go like this : 

You are my resting place
You deliver me from trouble
You are my resting place 
You deliver me from all my fear

So I lay my head upon your chest and 
Quickly realize I'm not in control. 

You are my peace.  

It' short and to the point but when you see these pictures you'll get the idea.  GOD is just awesome!!!

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